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We think you should be concerned about privacy on the Internet. We do store some information and aim to keep it to the minimum necessary.

If you email us we will store the email and your contact details to discuss and provide services requested. This is so that we can form and fulfil contracts with you.

If you contact us via another service such as telephone, Signal, WhatsApp or Skype, the terms and conditions of the service operator apply and we have no control over them. We will store sufficient contact details to discuss and provide services requested. Again, this is so that we can form and fulfil contracts with you.

We necessarily store some information to comply with legal obligations (such as tax and invoices data), and matters such as providing quotes and invoicing. We will store such records as long as required to do so by the relevant authorities.

Access to the web server and other services at Green Pike is logged. This will normally be limited to your IP address and a few technical details. These logs are only reviewed and (if necessary) stored to diagnose faults or deal with abusive behaviour. Unless stored for further review/analysis, the system logs are periodically deleted automatically. This is a legitmate interest of ours to monitor the performance of the services and prevent abuse.

We only disclose information to third parties as described elsewhere in this notice; if we are legally obliged to do so; with your consent; or if it is necessary to carry out a service for you.

If you have been in contact with us, you will normally be asked for your consent to be contacted by us in future to offer services. We will only do so if you answer positively. You may always withdraw any such permission by contacting Green Pike.

If we undertake work for you, we may need to store more information. In these cases, we will make this clear in the schedule of work or related documents.

If you require further information or wish to exercise your subject access rights, then email

Green Pike's website does not use any external analytics sites (we used to use Google Analytics if you allowed it but no longer).

Green Pike is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as a data controller. Further information on your rights is available from the ICO.

Website terms and conditions

This website is Copyright © 2018–24 Green Pike Ltd. You may not copy, scrape, etc. this website. It is provided only for you to use to determine if Green Pike is an appropriate consultantancy company for you.

By using this website, you understand and accept the implications for privacy and data storage set out on this page.

We make reasonable effort to keep information on Green Pike's website correct. However, we cannot guarantee this and might not always offer some or all services specified.

Consultancy terms and conditions

These vary according to the type of work and will be provided with a quote or estimate following the initial consultation.

Apps: privacy, terms and conditions

Unless explicitly stated within an app, we do not store any personal data. For example, our password generators neither request nor use any personal data. An app handling SMS auto-replies will necessarily need access to your contact list and SMS for sending and receiving: we do not access these except for the sole purpose of running the app.

All our apps contain help/info panels which include the relevant terms and conditions for that app.

For apps provided via Google Play, Google's own terms and conditions necessarily apply to interactions with Google's services. Similarly, those provided via the Apple Store necessarily require Apple's terms and conditions.

Feedback and problems

Mistakes and errors happen. If you have a complaint or concern in relation to Green Pike then contact us so we can try to resolve it.

We welcome feedback and would be grateful for your comments.

This page was last updated on 13 Jan 2022.

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